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4 Reasons Family Caregivers Should Take Time to Relax

Family caregivers have two main responsibilities: providing the care their senior loved ones need and managing their own health. Though the first responsibility is important, you will also need to take breaks from your duties so you can recharge, stay healthy, and provide your loved one with high-quality care. Here are 4 reasons family caregivers need to reserve time to relax.

1. Prevent Burnout 

Being a caregiver can bring you great joy, but there may be moments when you become overwhelmed, which can lead to burnout. However, setting aside time to relax can recharge your body and give you peace of mind. Always remember caregivers need care as well. Take time off to relax and boost your energy, then return to your caregiving duties feeling refreshed and less overwhelmed. 

2. Keep the Body Healthy

Caring for a senior loved one can cause your body to become worn out and tired. This type of exhaustion can lead to lack of sleep, causing decreased alertness, an increased risk of injury, a poor quality of life, and cognitive impairment. If you are unhealthy, you cannot provide the care your loved one needs, which is why you need to set aside time to catch up on rest and prevent exhaustion.

3. Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Providing Redondo Beach, CA, elderly care for your loved one can put you at a greater risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol due to increased stress levels. When you are stressed, your body produces more cortisol. Too much cortisol causes your arteries to harden and interferes with the flow of blood and oxygen within your body, which increases your chances of a heart attack or stroke. However, taking time to relax helps combat this stress and reduces your risk of hypertension and heart disease. 

4. Reduce the Risk of Depression

Some Redondo Beach caregivers become sad and lonely because they spend so much time caring for a loved one who is ill and unable to perform normal daily activities, and they neglect their need for outside socialization. Sadness and loneliness often turns into depression, which can even lead to anger. Relaxation is necessary to remove these negative emotions from your mind. Take time to socialize with older adults during your time off from being a caregiver.

Without taking care of yourself, providing care for an elderly loved one becomes more difficult. If you need a break from caregiving, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our respite caregivers can assist your loved one while you go on vacation, attend to personal errands, or just relax for a few hours. For more information on the respite care Redondo Beach, CA, families count on, call one of our friendly Care Managers at (310) 504-0506 to schedule a free in-home consultation.