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4 Unique Sources of Stress Affecting Senior Adults

Aging comes with its own set unique challenges that can result in long-term psychological stress for seniors and older adults. At Home Care Assistance Redondo Beach, we wanted to share some of the most common causes of stress affecting senior adults because understanding where stress stems from can help families ensure a balanced and relaxed life for their aging parents and loved ones.

  1. Loss of a spouse. Losing a lifetime spouse or partner can trigger stress as an elderly adult, and it is not uncommon for a senior to experience deteriorating health after the loss of a close loved one. It is important that seniors receive emotional support during this difficult time from both friends and family. It may even be beneficial to look into companionship or hourly home care in Redondo Beach where a professional caregiver can lend a helping hand with household activities, while providing companionship and emotional support.
  2. Loss of financial stability. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle as a senior can be expensive with additional costs for health care, long-term care and prescriptions medications on top of costs of living and food. When seniors are concerned that their retirement funds are not adequate and that their lifestyle moving forward will be dependent on money they might not have, it can cause extreme stress and anxiety. It’s important for families to discuss financial stability with aging parents and loved ones as soon as possible to determine options for financial assistance and help provide a sense of security about the future.
  3. Loss of one’s home. The home is a cherished place, and for seniors, one that is often filled with memories of raising a family. As your loved one ages, it may become more difficult for him or her to manage the household. This can cause fear of losing the home, and additional stress if your loved one believes he or she may be relocated to a nursing home. If you think your loved one needs help managing their day-to-day tasks at home, talk with them about support options like home care in Redondo Beach, which can allow seniors to maintain their regular routines safely at home, avoiding feelings of loneliness and abandonment that may arise when moving to an outside living facility.
  4. Loss of privacy. Senior adults often struggle with the fear of losing their privacy, particularly when they need daily assistance with activities such as bathing or using the restroom. The sense of hopelessness coupled with loss of independence to perform these activities can slowly build into chronic stress. Although personal care can be difficult to discuss with a senior loved one, doing so early on can help to avoid future complications. Seniors can also be provided with peace of mind knowing they can have honest conversations with you as changes arise throughout the aging process.

If you are concerned about the health, safety or independence of an aging parent or loved one, learn more about Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach. We provide hourly and live-in care Redondo Beach families trust, with highly trained and compassionate caregivers, no long-term contracts and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To request more information or a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, call us today at 310-504-0506.