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4 Crucial Questions All Aging Adults Should Ask Their Pharmacists

Medication management can become more challenging in the senior years, especially if multiple medications are involved. However, it’s important to follow each medication’s instructions properly so they have the best chance of being effective. If your senior loved one is about to start taking a new medication, Redondo Beach at-home care professionals suggest he or she should ask the pharmacist these 4 questions.

1. Is There a Generic Version of the Prescription?

Seniors tend to have many prescriptions they must fill regularly, and their medications can quickly become an overwhelming monthly expense. Even with excellent coverage, your loved one’s pills might add up to hundreds of dollars a month if he or she has a serious medical condition. If your loved one’s doctor has prescribed name-brand medication, your loved one should ask the pharmacist about alternatives that could cut the costs.

2. Are There Any Side Effects?

The doctor should inform your loved one of any unusual side effects he or she can expect from the medications, but pharmacists can often give much clearer answers. Preparing your loved one for the side effects of a medication he or she is taking could prevent a medical emergency. Relatively mild medication can lead to conditions such as bowel irritation, dehydration, mood swings, headaches, and insomnia.

3. What Should Be Done If a Dose Is Missed?

Your loved one must do everything in his or her power to never miss a single dose of medication. However, an accident can happen at any time. In many cases, missing a single dose is a minor concern that will not require any further action. However, for more important medications, the pharmacist might suggest doubling the dose on the next day or resetting the prescription cycle completely. If your loved one needs reminders to take his or her medication, consider hiring a Redondo Beach, CA, home caregiver to help.

4. How Should the Medication Be Taken?

The vast majority of medications can be taken with nothing more than a glass of water, but there are some exceptions to this rule. Depending on what has been prescribed, your loved one might need to eat a full meal beforehand or only take the medication on an empty stomach. Other pills might not work as efficiently unless they are taken at the exact same time every day. If your loved one is confused about the instructions, he or she should speak with the pharmacist to clarify the directions.

If your loved one needs help managing his or her medications, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our caregivers can provide timely medication reminders, provide transportation to the doctor’s office, and help with a wide array of everyday tasks. For more information on the respite and 24-hour care Redondo Beach seniors rely on, call one of our knowledgeable Care Managers at (310) 504-0506 today.