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The Importance of Tailored Stroke Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation that is focused on specific problem areas in individual stroke patients is essential to providing effective treatment. Strokes typically cause damage to one side of the brain and result in symptoms that are displayed on the opposite side of the body from where the injury occurred. In order to accelerate the rehabilitation process, it’s often best to tailor care to the specific areas that were affected by the stroke.

Home Care Assistance is a leading provider of Redondo Beach Stroke care that understands the importance of individualized care for senior stroke survivors. Along with assistance with daily activities and personal care, our stroke caregivers can help with the following activities and therapies that are often recommended to treat specific symptoms of stroke.

Treatments for Thinking and Memory

Patients who are struggling with cognitive issues after suffering from a stroke can receive specific therapy that is designed to sharpen their thinking skills. Professional therapists often provide people with care on an outpatient basis and help stimulate their minds with games and other activities that encourage recapturing cognitive functioning. Other activities such as the Cognitive Therapeutics Method can also help boost brain health and mental acuity.

Speech Therapy

Patients who are experiencing diminished or loss of speech benefit from therapy that is provided by speech pathologists. The professional provides specialized therapeutic treatments that are designed to help seniors to relearn language, improve swallowing effort and learn alternate forms of communication if one’s ability to speak was affected.

Occupational Therapy

Professionals who specialize in occupational therapy assist patients in regaining daily living skills that are lost after a stroke. They help individuals to relearn tasks such as dressing themselves and other personal care activities. Occupational therapists ensure that the patients’ environments are adapted for them by adding grab bars, ramps and other aids.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapists help stroke patients regain strength and flexibility in body areas where they have diminished. Therapy will most likely begin during the hospital stay and continue on for a long period of time or indefinitely. Even if a person cannot move a body part on his or her own, it is important that passive exercises are regularly done on the patient to keep the muscles from atrophying.

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