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Comprehensive Stroke Home Care in Redondo Beach

At Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach, we know that a stroke didn’t just affect your elderly family member – it impacted your entire family. In the aftershock of a stroke, we are here to help you navigate the emotions and new care needs of your loved one, from signing off on hospital papers to how to manage his or her increased dependency. While you may feel overwhelmed, you can rest assured that our dedicated Care Managers and experienced stroke caregivers can provide your loved one with the high quality care they need, while also supporting your family during this difficult time.

Professional Stoke Caregivers Available for Hourly & Live-In Care

Whether you’re seeking a bedside caregiver at the hospital, continuous in-home care for a recovering stroke survivor or you would like occasional hourly respite care to avoid caregiver burnout, our reliable stroke caregivers are able to help. Our specially trained stroke caregivers are available on an hourly or live-in basis and meet the unique post-stroke needs of elderly adults by:

  • Assisting with personal care needs such as feeding, bathing, grooming and incontinence
  • Helping to establish a safe daily routine and setting medication reminders
  • Encouraging independence with daily activities and assisting with mobility
  • Providing transportation and acting as an advocate for your loved one during medical appointments
  • Providing companionship and cognitive and social stimulation

Balanced Care for Senior Stroke Survivors

Our highly trained stroke caregivers take the time to nurture every aspect of your aging loved one’s well-being during the recovery process, enabling them to heal physically, emotionally and mentally. Along with helping your aging loved one with suggested in-home therapies, our stroke caregivers also take the time to stave off long-term emotional and mental side effects by utilizing our Balanced Care Method™. The Balanced Care Method™ focuses on maintaining and/or improving a healthy diet, physical activity, sharp minds, social ties, and calmness and purpose for enhanced well-being and quality of life at home.

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If your elderly loved one has survived a stroke and is in need of in-home care and assistance, call Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach at (310) 504-0506 today. We have stroke caregivers available at any hour of the day or night if there is a sudden and urgent need for care. We would also be happy to help you schedule a complementary in-home consultation if you have questions about the benefits of in-home stroke care in Redondo Beach.