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Maintaining Brain Fitness in the Golden Years

Retaining independence is often of the utmost importance to seniors as they enter their golden years. While keeping good physical health helps seniors complete daily activities and maintain regular routines, mental health plays an important role in achieving these goals as well. The trusted caregivers at Redondo Beach Home Care Assistance share why brain fitness is so important for seniors as they age and what can be done to regularly engage the brain.

What is Brain Fitness?

Brain fitness is the brain’s ability to work and process information in an efficient way, and can include one’s attention span, ability to manage stress, short and long-term memory, problem solving abilities, motor coordination, and visual and spatial processing.

The Science Behind Brain Fitness

When a senior keeps the mind engaged and challenged, more blood is sent to the areas of the brain that are being used, providing it with vital oxygen and nutrients and thus causing new neurons to be formed. The process of new neurons being created within the brain (neurogenesis) helps the brain to become stronger and better able to function at a high level. Memory will improve, problem solving skills will be sharpened, and a senior will be better equipped to handle physical and emotional stress. Studies also show that high levels of mental stimulation and activity may help to reduce the risk of age-related dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive conditions.

How to Engage the Brain

Brain fitness can be developed by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating well-balanced meals, exercising regularly, practicing effective stress management, and getting appropriate amounts of sleep, all things that we promote in our very own Balanced Care Method.

Memory and geriatric care experts also recommend that seniors stimulate the brain regularly by completing logic or crossword puzzles, reading, or even playing stimulating games on the Internet or via mobile apps. The exercises should be progressively challenging, so they will target various components of the brain and initiate new learning.

Providing Seniors with Support

If you are concerned about your loved one’s mental or physical health, it may be time to explore your options for support services. In-home care, provided by trained caregivers, can help ensure that your loved one stays mentally and socially engaged, while also ensuring safety, comfort, and quality of life.

Learn more about in-home care services and see if home care from Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach can benefit your loved one. Call 310-504-0506 to request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and don’t forget to ask about our revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method which focuses on enhancing brain health and mental acuity for seniors of all cognition levels!