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California Senator Fights for Senior Rights

As the need for senior care rises in Southern California, referral companies have become large players in the industry. These companies do not provide care to seniors, but provide seniors and their families with professional recommendations for long-term care including nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home care agencies in Redondo Beach.

While referral agencies can offer seniors and families invaluable assistance and support during a difficult time, some of the less reputable referral companies are offering unreliable services. These companies use high-pressure tactics to steer seniors and families toward a certain care provider in order to gain a referral fee or “kickback” from that provider. As a result, seniors may be referred to services that are not a match for their individual needs.

To end these abusive practices, Senator Tony Mendoza has proposed a new bill in California. Under the bill, named SB 648, a company referring a senior or family to a health or home care provider would need to openly disclose any amount of compensation received for the referral in addition to whether the referral company has inspected a care facility, and if so, the date of the most recent inspection, and any complaints that may have been filed against the recommended care facility.

In addition, the referral company would be required to:

  • Maintain liability insurance
  • Keep personal patient information private
  • Visit with the patient within one month of the referral

As a leading provider of hourly and 24 hour care in Redondo Beach, we support Senator Mendoza in his fight to protect our aging population. It is important that seniors are given Freedom of Choice, the right to select the long-term care option that is not only a match for their individual needs, but their personal preferences and comfort level.

If you have an aging parent or loved one that requires long-term care to complete his or her activities of daily living, learn more about in-home care in Redondo Beach. With in-home care, your aging parent or loved one will receive the care he or she needs from a highly trained and compassionate caregiver, while maintaining his or her independence and regular routine. For more information or to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, call 310-504-0506 and speak with a friendly and experienced Care Manager.