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4 Tips to Help Prevent Parkinson’s Disease

Though there is no known cure for Parkinson’s, certain healthy habits may be able to prevent, delay, or minimize symptoms of the disease. Here are 4 tips on how your senior loved one can guard against Parkinson’s, provided by the staff at Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach.

1. Eat More Natural Folate

Folate is the natural form of folic acid, and a deficiency of this B vitamin can contribute to the onset of Parkinson’s by hindering development of red blood cells, inhibiting DNA production, and slowing the body’s creation of new proteins. Some natural foods high in folate include lentils, asparagus, and raw spinach.

2. Avoid Chemicals

The neurological defects leading to Parkinson’s can be caused or made worse by pesticides, insecticides, and petroleum-based solvents. Your loved one should get plenty of fresh air, switch to low-VOC paints if needed, and consume organic food and beverages whenever possible.

3. Monitor Iron Levels

We need iron in our diet, but too much iron can lead to the same kind of damage caused by free radicals, which can degenerate brain cells. The best iron comes from natural sources like organic chickpeas and spinach since taking too many iron supplements can make it difficult for the body to properly process this vitamin.

4. Drink More Green Tea

Green tea offers 2 benefits for preventing and fighting Parkinson’s. First, moderate amounts of caffeine have been shown to reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s, and a cup of green tea contains about half the caffeine of a single shot of espresso. Secondly, green tea is packed with antioxidants, which are vital to reducing the free radicals known to cause neurological degeneration.

Preventive care may not be an option if your loved one is already showing signs of Parkinson’s disease, but a trained caregiver can offer additional support to help minimize his or her symptoms. If you need help managing your loved one’s careneeds, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are a trusted provider of Parkinson’s home care in Redondo Beach, and also offer specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care. To learn more, schedule a free in-home consultation by calling (310) 504-0506.