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Understanding the Stages of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease, with symptoms starting out mild and getting more pronounced over time. There are five distinct stages commonly associated with Parkinson’s; however, it’s not unusual for patients to jump from one stage to another or exhibit more severe symptoms at times and more mild symptoms at other times.

As a leading provider of Parkinson’s care in Redondo Beach, we wanted to share some information about each stage of the disease and what to expect so that caregiving families can ensure the safety, comfort and quality of life for loved ones living with the condition.

Stage One

The first stage of Parkinson’s disease presents very mild symptoms. Stage one symptoms typically include:

  • Some difficulty with daily tasks
  • Occasional tremors (usually only one side is affected)

Stage Two

During stage two of Parkinson’s, symptoms are often bilateral, or affecting multiple parts and sides of the body. Symptoms may include:

  • Some trouble walking
  • Issues with balance

Stage Three

Stage three of Parkinson’s is characterized by a noticeable slowing of movements. Symptoms exhibited may include:

  • Inability to stand for any long period of time (or at all)
  • Difficulty walking straight

Stage Four

Symptoms are more severe in stage four of Parkinson’s. For unknown reasons, shakes and tremors often become less severe or stop all together. During this stage:

  • Assistance is needed with daily tasks
  • Increased rigidity and slow movement is evident

Stage Five

During the final stage, patients are often incapable of caring for themselves. Careful monitoring and 24 hour home care in Redondo Beach is often required at this point. While Parkinson’s itself isn’t fatal, patients in the final stages of the disease tend to be more vulnerable to other health problems. Characteristics of this stage of Parkinson’s may include:

  • Confusion and hallucinations (and memory problems)
  • Difficulty speaking and swallowing

It’s important to realize that no two patients with Parkinson’s disease have the same set of symptoms, with some patients skipping steps or having longer periods at certain stages. Fortunately, there are treatments available at every stage of the disease to ease the burden for patients affected by Parkinson’s.

To learn more about in-home care for seniors with Parkinson’s, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We provide reliable home care Redondo Beach families trust and have highly trained and compassionate Parkinson’s caregivers who can assist on an hourly or live-in basis depending on individual care needs. For more information, reach out to a Care Manager today at 310-303-2530.