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Meaningful Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia can be an emotionally painful disease for both patients and their loved ones. It often starts out with seemingly innocent forgetfulness and slowly progresses to an inability to recognize family members and close friends. However, engaging seniors in meaningful activities can help seniors with dementia to maintain their social connections and provide a sense of purpose.

As a leading provider of Redondo Beach dementia care, we wanted to share some of our favorite activities that our caregivers do with their clients at home – activities that you and your family can do as well:

  • Reminiscing – Many older adults with dementia are able to keep their long-term memories relatively intact. Exploring the past by going through photo albums, watching old family movies and recalling special times is a great way to keep seniors interested and connected with loved ones.
  • Participating in Hobbies – Engaging in activities that require very few, simple steps offer seniors opportunities to keep their minds active while participating in a useful task. An older adult who enjoys activities such as crocheting may find the repetitive movements of needlework soothing and relaxing. No special talent is required for people who may enjoy painting or creating objects out of clay. Gardening is also a simple pleasure that can be enjoyed either outside or indoors with potted plants.
  • Enjoying Music – Almost everyone enjoys some type of music, and it can be a great way to help seniors with dementia relax and take pleasure in their favorite tunes. Playing a CD that is packed with popular music from the older adult’s younger days can be a powerful tool for stimulating memory, and it provides the senior with enjoyable moments that are filled with nostalgia.
  • Doing Chores – Depression is commonly experienced in patients with dementia because they often feel as if they have lost their sense of purpose. Allowing a senior to take control of a couple of easy household tasks can help encourage a sense of accomplishment. Folding towels, putting silverware away and sweeping are chores that seniors with dementia can often help with successfully.

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