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Including an Aging Loved One in Holiday Celebrations

The holidays are a joyful time of year, but they can be sometimes be overwhelming for your senior family member. During fall and winter, families may indulge in active pursuits like ice skating or football, making seniors feel left out if they can’t participate. Holiday parties may also be too loud and crowded for seniors to enjoy. Yet, this doesn’t mean that your aging relative should be put in a corner. Home Care Assistance, a top provider of home care in Redondo Beach, has gathered some tips to help you include your loved one in the holidays no matter what your family traditions.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask. What is your senior loved one’s favorite part of the holidays? It might be baking, trimming a tree, or buying gifts for grandchildren. Ask them and then find ways to help them participate in that activity. For example, maybe Grandma can’t walk around the mall anymore, but loves to shop. Most stores have wheelchairs or electric carts that seniors can use to get around. If a store doesn’t have these options, invest in a cane or walker. If your loved one has favorite holiday recipes, invite him or her to share them with the family and help make them, or direct their construction.
  • Share the responsibility. During the holidays, many seniors find themselves relegated to one room, simply sitting quietly. If they are given things to do, they’re considered simple and menial, such as throwing away wrapping paper. Give your loved one a meaningful job that caters to his or her strengths and abilities. If Grandpa plays an instrument, perhaps he can help with caroling. If Nana has a good reading voice, perhaps she’d like to read the Nativity story this year.
  • Take a walk down memory lane. Perhaps your senior loved one is incapacitated or has a serious illness. If so, finding activities can be hard, but that person should still get to participate. Consider opening gifts at your loved one’s bedside. Buy a small- to medium-sized tree just for that person’s room and invite the family to trim it with him or her present. If your loved one is able, assist him or her with hanging ornaments or lighting menorah candles by guiding his or her hand.
  • Enlist in help. Even the most loving and devoted families can’t always spend a lot of one-on-one time with their aging parents and family members, especially as the demands of the holiday season pile up. Consider hiring a caregiver to provide hourly care in Redondo Beach. A highly trained and compassionate caregiver can assist your loved one with holiday activities, provide reliable transportation for events and errands, and can also offer companionship, listening to stories and sharing laugh to help avoid the holiday blues. And while your loved one receives the care they need, you can enjoy a bit of respite and time for yourself!

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