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Helping an Elderly Loved One After Hip Replacement Surgery

Recovering after a hip replacement takes some time, and the seniors who have this surgery performed need plenty of rest as well as some help around the house. If your elderly loved one has had a hip replacement, Redondo Beach, CA, 24-hour care experts have some suggestions to help him or her recover safely and comfortably.

Prepare the Home

During the initial recovery period, your loved one will need to avoid walking up and down stairs, bending at the waist, and standing on his or her toes to reach objects. Before your loved one is discharged from the hospital, take some time to prepare the home so he or she can have as much independence as possible. Some of these preparations may include:

  • Arranging for a bed and a bathroom or portable commode on the first floor
  • Making sure all commonly used items in the kitchen and bathroom are between waist and shoulder height
  • Having a supply of frozen meals on hand that can easily be reheated
  • Stocking up on toiletries and other staples to eliminate the need for trips to the store

Your loved one will also be at an increased risk for falls following a hip surgery. You can lower his or her risk by:

  • Removing throw rugs
  • Securing loose wires and cords
  • Repairing uneven or loose flooring
  • Ensuring there is adequate lighting around the house
  • Boarding small pets that might get underfoot 

Encourage Physical Activity

Following a hip surgery, participating in physical activity is essential for increasing mobility and range of motion. Being active can also reduce the risk of blood clots and other potential post-surgery complications. To prevent damaging the new hip, it is crucial for your loved one to follow the doctor’s advice regarding the appropriate activities to engage in during recovery.

Hire an In-Home Caregiver

Immediately after hip surgery, your loved one will need assistance with bathing, dressing, and basic tasks around the house, and it is possible he or she will need help during times when you or other family members are unavailable. A professional Redondo Beach in-home caregiver can provide the assistance your loved one needs so you won’t have to worry about him or her trying to manage without your help. 

Recovering from a surgery can be challenging without the right assistance. If your loved one needs help accomplishing daily tasks, the caregivers at Home Care Assistance can provide the help he or she needs during recovery and beyond. For more information on in-home elder care Redondo Beach, CA, seniors and their families can count on, call one of our qualified Care Managers at (310) 504-0506 to schedule a free in-home consultation.