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Helping Seniors Overcome Common Barriers to Exercise

Regular exercise relieves pain, improves circulation, blood pressure and blood glucose control, keeps the lymphatic system active to remove toxins, increases range of motion, builds or at least maintains muscle mass, helps control weight and speeds up the metabolism. With so many benefits, why wouldn’t a senior or aging adult want to engage in regular exercise?

As a leading provider of in-home care in Redondo Beach, we agree with geriatric care specialists and senior care experts that exercise is one of the best things that a person can enjoy in their golden years. However, there are often barriers to exercise, the most common being pain and perceived benefit.

Seniors Exercising Through the Pain

Pain is likely the biggest barrier to exercise among seniors. The more sedentary a senior is, the more it hurts to become active. Common age-related ailments like arthritis can make exercising difficult or uncomfortable in the early stages. However, doctors and medical professionals continue to stand by the notion that exercise can actually help eliminate pain, so long as the activities are tailored to the individual’s abilities.

If your aging parent or loved one experiences pain that makes mobility difficult, schedule an appointment with his or her physician and create an exercise plan that is safe and effective for increasing range of motion. Not only will mobility and endurance improve, exercising often boosts mood and can help give seniors a positive outlook.

Helping Seniors See Results

It is important to talk about expectations openly with your aging parent or loved one. Individuals of all ages often quit exercise programs simply because they do not see or feel results immediately. In fact, studies show that most exercise programs need to be carried out for about four weeks before any significant changes in physical or emotional health are noticed.

To help your aging parent or loved one stay on track, provide them with continual support during the first four weeks of their physician recommended exercise program whenever possible. For some seniors, assistance and monitoring may be required to prevent injuries and to promote safety. If you are unable to assist your loved one with his or her exercise program, consider help from a Redondo Beach hourly caregiver. These trained individuals can look over recommended exercises and assist in a safe and effective manner.

Another great way to help seniors remain engaged in their exercise program is to include his or her spouse or friend. Many times, exercising with another person can be a significant motivator and having someone to share feelings and results with can further boost interest.

To learn more about senior exercise regimens and care for older adults, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach today, and schedule a complimentary no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager. 310-303-2530 – we look forward to hearing from you!