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Understanding Hourly In-Home Care

Your aging parent or loved one is struggling to perform certain daily tasks, but they don’t need 24 hour monitoring or assistance. Because their needs don’t demand moving them to an assisted living facility, allow them to remain at home with part-time hourly care. Today, Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach is going to explain what hourly home care is and why it is often the preferred choice by seniors and their families.

With hourly home care, you only pay for the number of hours your loved one’s needs require. Caregivers can then provide careful assistance and monitoring, while allowing your loved one to remain in the familiar comfort of home. The following activities are just a few of the items an in-home caregiver can assist with.

  • Meal Preparation – Eating healthy and balanced meals will keep your loved one alert and strong. If they are no longer able to prepare meals on their own or need extra assistance in the kitchen, a highly trained caregiver can ensure all meals are prepared and ready to go for the day or week.
  • Bathing and Personal Care – If you’re afraid that your loved one will fall while bathing, dressing and grooming, or they’ve already slipped and sustained an injury, a caregiver can assist them with these important daily activities. Professional caregivers always treat their clients with the utmost dignity and respect and can be scheduled to help with these activities in the morning, during the evenings or for certain days during the week. 
  • House Cleaning – As seniors age, it becomes harder for them to accomplish the day-to-day chores required to keep their home in order. Caregivers can clean and maintain the home, ensuring it’s a safe and comfortable place for your loved one to reside in. 
  • Assisting with Medications – If you’re unsure a loved one can keep up with all of their medications, a caregiver can make sure the proper dosages are taken at the right times. This can also help to minimize the risk for medication mix-ups, something that can be extremely damaging to senior health. 
  • Running Errands – Maybe your loved one is unable to drive or they lack the physical strength to do things like carry groceries. A thoughtful and qualified caregiver will be able to complete grocery shopping, retrieve the mail, provide transportation to the doctor, and pick up medications from the pharmacy.

Hourly home care allows seniors to live independently at home while ensuring their needs are met by a qualified and highly trained caregiver. Best of all, you only pay for the care your loved one needs. To learn more about Redondo Beach hourly home care, reach out to Home Care Assistance at (310) 504-0506. Our friendly and experienced Care Managers are able to answer questions 24/7.