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Promoting Independence with Home Care

As your parents and relatives age, independence becomes more and more important. While your loved one may need assistance with certain household activities, you want to help them retain as much independence as possible so they can live a happy, healthy, and safe life in the comfort of home. But what happens when you have a busy schedule of you own and can’t offer as much support as you’d like? Turn to the trained caregivers at Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach who help seniors retain independence by:

  • Helping with Regular Routines – Home caregivers can be scheduled on an as-needed basis to assist with a senior’s daily activities. Whether a senior needs help with meal preparation, personal care, mobility, or transportation, a caregiver is trained to know when to assist their clients and when to allow them to perform a task independently.
  • Allowing Some Sense of Control – Home care includes seniors in the care planning process, allowing them to voice their desires, preferences, and even concerns. Seniors, while they may need a little extra help, can still retain a sense of control over how they receive care as well as the schedule it is provided.
  • Monitoring Changes in Health – Hourly and live-in caregivers in Redondo Beach become very familiar with the needs of their clients. They are able to detect and identify new changes in their client’s health, ensuring proper medical attention is provided to prevent more serious health complications.
  • Encouraging Daily Activity – Staying active is one of the best ways seniors can stay independent. Whether it’s going on a daily walk or doing a few in-home strength-training exercises, caregivers can provide oversight to ensure safety as well as encouragement to keep with physical exercises.
  • Providing Companionship – Caregivers provide seniors with invaluable companionship, helping them to maintain important social ties. Studies even show that social seniors are often happier and better able to handle stress and life challenges than those who are not.

Allow your loved one to continue living in the comfort of home with help from Home Care Assistance, one of the top Redondo Beach home care agencies. Call (310) 504-0506 for more information and request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.