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The Early Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Detecting Parkinson’s disease (PD) early can be difficult, but doing so is critical to slow the disease’s progress. Although no singular symptom confirms the presence of the disease, Redondo Beach home care experts suggest that you should consult your doctor if your loved one is experiencing two or more of the following symptoms.

1. Shaky limbs

If your relative experiences involuntary twitches or notices his or her hands, lips, legs or other body parts shake while trying to relax, you should consult a doctor. If these tremors occur after rigorous physical activity, an injury, or as a side effect of medication slight shaking is normal.

 2. Different handwriting

Significant and sudden changes in your loved one’s handwriting can be an early sign of PD. You may notice that his or her handwriting seems smaller, the letters look different than before, or words and letters are crowded together.

3. Poor sense of smell

Your loved one’s difficulty detecting scents, especially strong smells, may be a symptom of PD. A decreased sense of smell is often the earliest indication of PD, appearing much sooner than other cognitive symptoms.

4. Trouble sleeping

Individuals with PD report consistently poor and restless sleep. Although a night of tossing and turning is common among seniors, if your loved one has persistent, vivid dreams paired with vigorous movement throughout the night, the difficulty sleeping could be a symptom of PD.

 5. Difficulty moving around

When regularly stiff joints make your loved one rely more and more on mobility aids or help from his or her part-time caregiver in Redondo Beach, it may be time to consult a doctor. Unless your relative has performed rigorous physical activity, having stiff joints even after moving around may be a sign of PD.

 6. Change in voice (Hypophonia)

A significant and sudden change in the timber of your loved one’s voice is another common symptom. If you are consistently asking your loved one to speak up, though your loved one feels he or she is speaking at a normal volume, your loved one may have hypophonia, or a softer or muffled voice.

 7. Masked face

Infrequent blinking or a consistently blank facial expression, also known as masking, is another symptom of PD. While people with PD frequently do not recognize that masking is happening, family and friends can often notice differences in their loved ones facial expressions.

PD is manageable, especially when detected early, so if your loved one is displaying two or more of the above symptoms, contact a doctor for further screening. If you would like to learn more about how Home Care Assistance can provide your loved one with high-caliber Parkinson’s home care in Redondo Beach, contact a friendly Care Manager at (310) 504-0506.