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What is the Emotional Impact of Stroke on Seniors?

A stroke can result in a number of side effects, most notably affecting a senior’s mobility and speech. However, along with physical changes, the emotional impact experienced by a senior stroke survivor is immense. Today, the Redondo Beach home care experts are going to provide some insight into how a stroke can affect a senior emotionally, a process that can be compared with the stages an individual goes through when grieving the loss of a loved one.

Stage 1 – Denial

After a senior experiences a stroke, it is common for there to be a sense of denial. Your loved one may think things like, “This can’t be happening to me.” Losing independence for someone who has always been in control and becoming more dependent on others can be a big change to get used to.

Stage 2 – Anger

Losing control over one’s abilities may cause some stroke survivors to strike out at others around them, sometimes feeling resentment toward those who have the mobility they’ve now lost. In some cases, anger appears as frustration as simple daily activities such as eating, bathing or using the restroom cannot be done without the assistance of a family member or in-home caregiver.

Stage 3 – Guilt

Seniors often pass through a “bargaining stage.” This is where seniors begin to blame themselves, saying things such as, “If only I had taken better care of myself – this might not have happened.” They blame themselves for the position they are in and being to feel saddened by their past-decisions and things that cannot be changed.

Stage 4 – Depression

Depression is one of the most common conditions associated stroke. This can stem from a number of reasons. Perhaps the senior feels embarrassed at needing help, and prefers to isolate themselves, withdrawing from any social interactions. On the other hand, a senior may become depressed that they can no longer participate in favorite pastimes and activities. Senior stroke survivors may even find themselves crying at inappropriate times.

Stage 5 – Acceptance

Acceptance is harder for some than others. Seniors may simply be able to take on this new journey with a positive outlook and determination to get better. They accept their limitations; yet strive to improve where they can. Others will need the help and support of family, friends and loved one’s to adjust and make a transition into their new lifestyle.

The emotional impact of having a stroke can be discouraging at first, but it doesn’t have to be final. With encouragement and hope, a senior stroke survivor can regain the confidence they need to live a productive meaningful life. For more information about stroke home care in Redondo Beach, reach out to Home Care Assistance today. We are a trusted provider of senior care, offering high quality care, flexible hourly and live-in schedules, and no-long term contracts. Call us at 310-504-0506 – we’re here to help 24/7.