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3 Things to Do When Your Senior Loved One is Resisting In-Home Care

You’ve decided it’s time to bring in a professional caregiver to help your aging loved one, but unfortunately, your relative doesn’t agree and any discussion just seems to strengthen his or her resistance. At Home Care Assistance, our Redondo Beach senior home care experts have learned that dealing with the topic of in-home care requires a delicate approach. Taking the following steps can often lead to a productive conversation about your loved one’s home care options.

Take their side

Immediately recommending in-home assistance for your senior loved one can seem bossy or insensitive. Instead, ask your loved one questions about how he or she is handling certain daily activities. Let your loved one talk about how he or she is feeling and offer understanding, acceptance, and validation. To show you’re making an effort to see his or her perspective, try using phrases like, “I can see why you would feel that way.”

Put them back in charge

As you are listening to your loved one, try to notice any statements that hint that he or she might need help. Gently confirm and reiterate your loved one’s experience, while also including details your relative has shared about difficulties he or she has been having. Try rephrasing your loved one’s concerns to show both sides. For example: “So you feel uncomfortable with having a stranger in your home, but you’ve had some trouble cooking your own meals.” Always keep your loved one’s perspective in mind and be sure to ask if he or she has any thoughts on how to resolve the issue.

Talk about pros and cons

Let your loved one tell you the pros and cons of having a caregiver. This method may lead your loved one to see the benefits of having an hourly caregiver in Redondo Beach. Try to do the same with any other ideas they come up with.

If using these tips to discussing in-home care does not work and your loved one is still resistant to help, accept his or her decision and revisit the conversation at a later time. Even if you do not persuade your loved one immediately, by adopting his or her perspective, you will ease any tension and open the door for future discussion.

If you and your elderly relative decide that hourly or live-in home care in Redondo Beach is the best option, Home Care Assistance is here to help. Whether your loved one needs assistance with bathing, transportation, preparing meals, or other daily tasks, our services are tailored to your loved one’s needs. To learn more about our caregivers and services, call a Care Manager at 310-504-0506. We look forward to scheduling your free, in-home consultation.