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The Benefits of Home Care for Your Elderly Parents

With new advances in medicine, seniors are living longer and with greater independence. Yet, theremay come a time when their adult children will need to take oncaregiving responsibilities, which can be hard to balance with other family and career obligations. Fortunately, Redondo Beach senior home care services are readily available and offer the elderly a wealth of benefits.


Seniors who have a health condition affecting mobility, such as Parkinson’s, may find it difficult to prepare their own meals or go grocery shopping. An in-home caregiver can easily assess your loved one’s eating habits and prepare healthy meals for him or her daily.

Decreased Risk of Fall-Related Injuries

When seniors attempt to complete daily tasks beyond their scope of abilities, they may beat greater risk for injuries. This may be especially true if a senior is recovering from a recent illness or if he or shehas begun a new medication. Having assistance available to tackle those challenging tasks can help reduce your loved one’s risk of injuries.

Enhanced Family Relationships

Shifting roles can create strife in family relationships, and it is not uncommon for seniors to refuse assistance from their loved ones. This often stems from a sense of pride and responsibility that makes it hard to relinquish control. However, home caregivers can act as a neutral buffer between seniors and their families, avoiding any power struggles that may affect the quality of family dynamics.

IncreasedEmotional Wellbeing

Seniors who spend large portions of their days alone may be prone to feelings of isolation, and their children sometimes feel guilty about being unable to visit as often as they’d like due to their other responsibilities. A caregiver in Redondo Beach can stop in for daily or weekly visits, providing an opportunity for your loved one to socialize.

Better Personal Hygiene

Bathing and dressing are just a few of the areas that can become sensitive subjects when adult children provide the majority of their parent’s care. Some seniors balk at the prospect of bathing simply out of the fear they may fall in the bathroom, but they may be too embarrassed to ask family members for help. Home care services can help bridge this divide through the sensitive and competent care provided by professional caregivers.

Whether your senior loved one needs minimal help or requires more comprehensive care, Redondo Beach Home Care Assistance can help. In addition to our trustedlive-in and flexible hourly care, we alsooffer specialized Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia care in Redondo Beach. To schedule a free in-home consultation, call one of our qualified Care Managers today at (310) 504-0506.