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Easy Activities Caregivers Can Enjoy to Avoid Burnout

Caring for an ill or disabled loved one carries great rewards. Unfortunately, it also carries the possibility of burnout as many family caregivers do not get much of a break from their responsibilities. If you provide care for an aging parent, grandparent or loved one, and it’s difficult for you to get away, it’s vital for you to find respite where and when you can. Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach, CA suggests the following simple at-home activities to help avoid burnout.

  1. Reading – Thomas à Kempis once said he found peace curled up in a corner with a book. Whether paperbacks or e-books, make books your friend. Find as many books as you can by a favorite author or on subjects that interest you. Read while sitting at your loved one’s side, while doing chores and errands, or while your loved one is sleeping. You can also read to your loved one, thus sharpening both your minds and appreciation of literature.
  1. In-Home Workouts – Caregivers often don’t get the exercise they need because they can’t easily leave the home. If you’re missing your workout, try getting up early and using workout DVDs. This can include everything from yoga to high-impact Zumba. If you’re truly pressed for time, some workout DVDs contain several five- to ten-minute routines per disc, which can give the boost you need to tackle your caregiving duties with energy.
  1. Brain Games – Resist the temptation to waste time on Facebook or television. Instead, try websites like Lumosity or These sites contain games built to improve memory, concentration, and executive planning. If your loved one is able, he or she can participate as well.
  1. Crafts and Projects – Time spent at home doesn’t have to be boring. Find an art project you’d like to try such as painting or crafts. Challenge yourself with a jigsaw puzzle, redecorate a room, or gather donations for a shelter or food bank. Giving back will remind you you’re not alone and provide a fresh perspective when you need it.

You should never feel bad about taking time for yourself. Allowing yourself to rest and recharge will ensure your health is at a level suitable to care for your aging parent or loved one. For more information about respite care for caregivers and avoiding burnout, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Redondo Beach at 310-303-2530 today. While we specialize in live-in care, we also provide hourly home care in Redondo Beach, which can be perfect for a family caregiver who needs a few hours away from their caregiving responsibilities.